Unleash Your Creativity with Outsidify: Transforming Audio Like Never Before

Product Overview

Outsidify is an innovative iOS app released by popular audio gadget maker, Bastle. The app allows users to capture and transform audio directly from their iPhone’s speakers and microphone, creating unique soundscapes from ambient noise. The app offers the ability to manipulate responses, apply resonant filters, capture impulse responses, and more.

Likes and Dislikes


Outsidify provides a unique and creative way to interact with sound. Users will appreciate the ability to manipulate and transform audio in real-time, creating unique soundscapes. The integrated media player and recorder offer valuable features such as looping, adjustable start and end points, and speed matching. The feedback pad also adds a level of depth to the sound manipulation process.


The main limitation of Outsidify is that it is currently only available on iOS, limiting its accessibility for Android users. Additionally, the requirement for the phone to fit inside the object or space capturing the impulse response could limit the range of sounds users can capture and manipulate.

Comparison with Other Products

Compared to other audio manipulation apps, Outsidify stands out for its innovative use of ambient noise and impulse responses. While other apps may offer similar features such as looping and adjustable speed, Outsidify's ability to capture and transform real-world sounds in real-time sets it apart. However, it's priced at $6, which may be slightly higher than other similar apps.


Outsidify is recommended for anyone interested in sound manipulation, music production, or simply exploring the sonic world around them. It's particularly suitable for iOS users who enjoy experimenting with new and innovative apps.

Product Links

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