13 Styling Tricks to Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

13 Styling Tricks to Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

A small and compact living room can be pretty tough to live in. From awkward furniture placements to bunching up in the middle of the sofa, tiny rooms make us feel like we need to renovate. However, this does not have to be the case because you can use styling tips, to make your living space feel roomier. Here is an overview of the different styling tricks that can help you accomplish this.

1. Mount Suspended Smart-Lighting

Smart-lighting involves lamps and bulbs that you can dim or brighten as required. Suspending such lighting from the ceiling or hanging it from the wall will make your room feel airy. This trick is beneficial because it will cause light to go into other spaces adjacent to your living room, making it seem bigger. Products like the B11 LED Smart, Dimmable Light Bulb, or the T20 LED Smart can help you achieve this goal with the desired reliability.

2. Install a Fireplace in Your Living Room

Installing a fireplace in your living room will increase the amount of light in the room and alter its temperature. This effect can have a positive impact on how it makes guests feel. These appliances will work together to create an ambiance that is warm and inviting, giving the room a more homely vibe that makes people relax and be comfortable.

3. Invest in a Barn Door

Barn doors are becoming more and more popular for their functionality to demarcate areas of different kinds. Installing a sliding door Abhisekh Glass 42 to mark off the varied spaces for diverse activities will work wonders in making the room feel more spacious. You can also use a curtain to achieve the same effect.

4. Take Advantage of High Ceilings

Ceilings with higher elevation can be a blessing for small living rooms because they allow the light to go into more areas, making them feel large. You can capitalize on this by painting your ceiling white or any other bright color. Also, install tall windows that will let more light into your house. Another way to take advantage of the high ceiling is by introducing wallpapers that have a high-viz design.

5. Switch Drom Sofas to Club Chairs

A sofa generally takes up most of the living room area and often has a single function. Flashing your small living room with one large sofa does not help make it feel more spacious. In fact, it only leads to less legroom, which leaves you feeling more cramped than ever.

However, if you swap it for a club chair like the Garren 39.8” Wide Tufted Club Chair, your room will suddenly feel a lot roomier. Club chairs with ottomans are perfect for this because you can sit on them, use them as a coffee table, and also rest your tired limbs. Products like Selene 35.5” Wide Tufted are good alternatives to consider too.

6. Display Artwork Strategically

Displaying artwork is a great way to make your house look stylish. However, it is only effective when you do it strategically since too much art will leave the space looking cluttered and tiny. For instance, hanging a couple of artworks on the wall above your sofa or placing them on an end table will make your place feel more expansive.

7. Consider a Large Rug

This tip is helpful if you have hardwood flooring. A large rug will, indeed, help define different areas in your living room, making it feel like separate spaces which are all working independently. A large enough rug will not only help in making your place feel bigger but will also make it cozier.

8. Paint Yuor Living Room All White

Painting your living room all white helps brighten it and make it less cramped. It's a trick used by many interior designers because of its proven success.

9. Introduce Mirrors to Your Living Room

Mirrors play a crucial role in multiplying the amount of light that enters the living room through reflection. This effect makes the place feel bigger and lighter. Huge mirrors will also create a sense of depth, which will have a positive impact on your space.

Mirrors placed strategically maximize their ability. Different designs like the Reyes Wall Mirror or the Beaded Beveled Wall Mirror can bring about this effect while making your room stylish.

10. Consider Built-in Shelves and Cabinets

Built-in shelves and cabinets must be introduced only after considering the layout of your living room. They help you store extras like DVDs and books while preventing them from cluttering up other spaces. However, if you can't renovate your walls to cater to this, you can introduce floating shelves to serve the same purpose.

11. Layered Coffee Table

This trick is an excellent way of adding extra space without taking up any. A layered coffee table has a lot of options for storage, which will make the living room feel large when used for small objects like books. Products like Tilden Lift Top 4 legs Coffee Tables are viable options to consider if you are looking to introduce this measure.

12. Use Open Shelving

As discussed earlier, having too many objects lying around gives off a feeling of clutter, which can ultimately make the space overcrowded and small. An excellent way of overcoming this is by employing open shelving to keep the living room as organized as possible. These shelves offer a sense of roominess to your tiny space without you having to do any extra work.

13. Install Skylights in Your Living Room

Modern, retro design in a small living room.
Modern, retro design in a small living room.

skylight can be an extremely effective tool if you are looking to make your room feel brighter and less confined. Installing skylights in a small space allows more natural light to enter the room, making it look larger. Be sure to put safety first before installing skylights because they are especially vulnerable to shoddy craftsmanship. A product such as the Guevara Bamboo Wicker Rattan Pendant Lighting can enhance your home's style.

Decroate Your Small Living Room to Feel Bigger

You do not need extensive renovations or lots of cash to make your place roomier. Just have in mind the tricks mentioned above and you will be able to restructure your living room on a budget.