Arturia’s Analog Lab Play: A Free and User-Friendly Sound Synthesis Software

Product Overview

Arturia's Analog Lab Play is a free-to-use version of its popular Analog Lab software. It offers a simplified interface for new users and 100 presets culled from the original Analog Lab and VSTs like the well-reviewed Pigments soft synth. The software also allows the purchase of standalone instruments.

Possible Likes and Dislikes


Users may appreciate the free access to Arturia's sound engines, the simplified interface that makes it user-friendly for beginners, and the selection of 100 presets that offer a variety of sounds to experiment with.


Some users may find the number of presets limited compared to the original Analog Lab software, which offers over 2000 presets. Also, the ability to purchase standalone instruments might not be appealing to users who are looking for a completely free software.

Comparison with Other Products

Compared to other products in its category, Analog Lab Play offers a high-quality experience at no cost. While it doesn't provide as many features or presets as the original Analog Lab or other paid software, it does offer a simplified interface and a selection of presets that are perfect for beginners. In terms of price, it's hard to beat free.


Analog Lab Play is recommended for beginners who are just starting to experiment with sound synthesis and for those who are familiar with Arturia's sound engines. It's also a great choice for users who are looking for a free, high-quality software.

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