Essential Gear for the Ultimate Road Trip: Reviews and Recommendations

Essential Road Trip Gear: Recommendations and Reviews

A road trip is an adventure. It doesn’t matter how far you go. But all adventures require a little planning (and one or two backup plans, in case things go sideways). We took our first testing road trip in an age far less complicated than these past few years, but the gear we tested and recommend remains just as relevant and effective today. Here are some of the must-have road trip gear items, along with the reasons why they've made our list.

1. Emergency Roadside Kit

Safety should be a priority on any road trip, and having an emergency roadside kit on hand can be a lifesaver in unexpected situations. We recommend the First Secure Emergency Roadside Kit as it contains everything you need for a potential breakdown, including a heavy-duty tow strap, a reflective safety vest, and tools for changing a tire.

2. Portable Power Bank

Keeping your devices fully charged could be essential during a road trip, so we recommend investing in a reliable power bank. The Anker PowerCore series offers a vast selection of portable chargers, suitable for all budgets and charging requirements. With high-speed charging capabilities, it ensures your devices remain amply powered during your adventure.

3. Road Trip Snack Cooler

Snacks and drinks are also road trip must-haves. A quality cooler can keep everything fresh and cool for the duration of your trip. We recommend the YETI Roadie 24 Cooler for its robust design, and its ability to maintain ice retention for days. This cooler is durable and easy to carry, making it the perfect road trip companion.

4. Navigation System

Thorough planning will make your road trip much more enjoyable, so a proper navigation system is essential. The Garmin DriveSmart series offers advanced GPS navigation, real-time traffic alerts, and hands-free calling features. This useful gadget ensures you never miss a turn and helps you avoid heavy traffic.

5. Travel Pillow

Comfort is crucial on a road trip, and a travel pillow can help make long drives more enjoyable. We suggest the <a href=”https://www