Gift Guide for the Remote Workforce

Gift Guide for the Remote Workforce

If the pandemic has taught us anything it has taught us that we can effectively and efficiently work from home. With all those people now conducting business from their home offices, there is a brand-new set of possibilities for gift-giving! Here are some gifts for the remote workforce from tech to luxury for a home office.

A New Headset for All Those Video Conference Calls

Make the best out of those Zoom and Skype video calls with a new headset from Jabra. The Jabra Evolve 75 cuts out the background noise and provides one of the best microphones currently available, so your voice will be heard loud, clear, and crisp!

If your recipient of this gift doesn't have a good noise-canceling and microphone headset for those video calls, try this one from Jabra.

The Remote Workforce Can Look Good With This New Webcam

Maybe that same person is needing a new webcam for a ton of FaceTime meetings! It's important that they look their best without having to employ a ring light or somebody from the glam squad!

This tiny webcam from Logitech has much better clarity and color quality than those built-in webcams have. It also comes with a lens cover for those times that you just don't feel like being seen! The Logitech C920SPro Webcam is ideal for any home office environment and priced at under $100 it won't break the bank!

The Ultimate Scratch Pad

Everybody needs a place to jot down quick notes and numbers throughout any given day. Phone numbers for take-out, or addresses for the next face-to-face meeting a day's worth of sticky notes just looks like clutter instead of the needed info.

The Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desk Top Easel will provide a clean area the size of a standard clipboard to take down those important bits of information that get you through your day! And priced at under twenty bucks ($17 at the time of this writing) pick one up for yourself as well!

A Mug for the Daily Cuppa

Hasami porcelain mugs are more than a gift. They are true works of art. These handmade ceramic mugs from Japan are a favorite among mug lovers the world over! They are microwave safe, stackable, and can be matched with a small plate that can act as a coaster or a lid to keep beverages warm.

A Sign for the Times

Sometimes it may be hard to let everybody else in the house know that just because you are home doesn't mean you are not at work! A nice little reminder can let them know for you!

LightMeUpSigns has two different models of “do not disturb” signs that might just come in handy. You can choose the ‘On-Air' art deco recording studio design or ‘On the Phone' art deco warning sign models that come complete with lighting that can be controlled by remote or the in-line switch to keep those household interlopers at bay!

Cut Through the Clutter Noise With a White Noise Machine for the Remote Workforce

Sometimes the smallest little household noise can cause big problems. Whether it's a dog barking next door, some obnoxious game show host on TV,  or even a dripping faucet, these are the type of noises that can disrupt your home office environment.

A small but effective white noise machine from Lectrofan can cut through the noise with a masking effect to promote your productivity and get you back on track! White noise has been proven to help you relax and focus better and that is something we all could use!

Coffee Break or Tea Time?

Most work-at-home people would agree that the day just goes better when there is a healthy dose of caffeine involved! From the very beginning of the day to a mid-afternoon pick me up, you need a coffee break or tea time!

Mistbox is a subscription-based coffee sampling platform that sells batches of coffee from 50 different roasters across the nation and over 500 different types of coffees to choose from.

If tea is your thing, Adagio offers a tea sampling subscription with an endless variety and also their tea of the month club!

Coffee time or tea time is a great time for the home office worker!

Light It Up

lighting for the remote workforce
Nordic style home office interior.

Maybe the remote worker you have in mind just needs to see things in a different light! Desk lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The one from Bentley doesn't disappoint! The Bentley French Bronze LED Desk Lamp is as unique as the person you are giving it to is!

Get It Together

Who couldn't use a bit of organizing in their home office? While some prefer the unorganized look for their ‘filing system', some could benefit from a well-organized workspace!

The MobileVision Bamboo File Holder and Drawer set can bring a bit of clarity from all the desktop chaos and the Veelink Bamboo Pen Holder and Charging Station might be just what your remote worker is looking for this holiday season!

The Perfect Pen

How about a unique writing tool for the remote worker on your list this year?

Caran d'Ache 849 Brut Rose' combines bathe functionality and elegance for the perfect home office gift this year! This little luxury can go a long way in changing someone's mood and making them feel special this holiday season. They'll remember you every time they sign their name with this elegant pen!

The Ultimate Home Office Uniform… Flannel Pajamas

Perhaps the biggest selling point of remote work is going from the bed to the office in your pajamas. So what better gift to give the discerning remote worker than a set of Flannel Pajamas from L.L. Bean!

From Women's Scotch Plaid Pajamas to Men's Scotch Plaid Sleep Pants, these are the ideal workwear for the remote worker on your holiday shopping list!

Find the Perfect Gift for the Remote Workforce!

These are just some of some finer gifts to give to the home office worker on your holiday shopping list. If this trend continues, you might want to go ahead and order extras for next year. Check out Score it Online for more ideas!