Looking for Last-Minute Gift Ideas?

Looking for Last-Minute Gift Ideas?

Are you going to battle the holiday shopping crowds because you missed someone on your list, and now you need a last-minute gift? Can you count yourself as being a last-minute shopper that hurries through stores on December 24th? Whatever your reason, you need last-minute gift ideas.

In this post let's take a look at some last-minute gifts, and how to purchase them online without the stress and frustrations usually brought on by that final shopping experience!

Turn It Up With These Last-Minute Gift Ideas!

Bose understands the need to just turn up the music! You can do just that with the Bose SoundLink Micro. Don't be fooled by the size as this Bluetooth-enabled speaker can stand up to whatever you can throw at it.  Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or when you are throwing the party of the year nothing delivers party music as good as Bose!

City Scent Candles!

Anyone on your list that you missed? You can salvage your gifting ability with a nice scented candle. Homesick scented candles are ideal for your last-minute gift ideas! They come in 20 different scents that represent 20 different cities like New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more.

Indoor Herb Garden!

Who doesn't love the robust flavor of homegrown herbs? Maybe there is a person on that last-minute list that has a green thumb and loves fresh herbs to cook with. The gift of an indoor herb garden can be a win-win!

The Victrola 4 in 1 Highland Bluetooth Record Player has an FM radio, the ability to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and also has auxiliary inputs and outputs for any of your other MP3 devices.

This record player combines old-school vintage looks with the latest cutting-edge technology in a product that you can buy for $100 or less!

Something for the Snack Lover!

If there is a football lover amongst your list of gift recipients look no further than a ChefSofi Cheese Board set. This unique board has accommodations for both cheese and meats!

It comes complete with an assortment of cheese knives and ceramic bowls to hold plenty of those game-day snacks!

Cooling Weighted Blankets!

You can give a gift of relaxing with a weighted blanket! These have come on strong as a product that promises several benefits by just relaxing! 

AN Cooling Weighted Blankets come in several weights to enhance your resting periods by promoting calmness. Get your last-minute gift of the year award when you give one of these weighted blankets!

Facial Steamer!

Let the stress of the day melt away with a facial steamer from Vanity Planet. The Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer is an excellent gifting idea for those who have issues keeping their faces hydrated during winter, and as a great relaxation tool for those long stressed-out days.

Movie Lovers Delight!

Do you have a movie lover on your last-minute shopping list? If you do then consider giving the gift of cinema!

subscription to the Criterion Channel will give your gift recipient a platform to access over 100 years of cinema magic! This is the ideal gift for someone who has already gone through the available movies on Netflix and other streaming services.

These feature-length films are packed into a comprehensive list of titles that would impress any MFA student! This channel also characterizes their movies in creative ways for a whole package movie channel experience.

Order now and get a gift card to present to your gifted, and other Criterion Channel merchandise like movies and T-shirts!

Cast Iron Dutch Ovens!

The ultimate slow cooker, the cast iron dutch oven! A Lodge 6-quart enameled cast iron dutch oven is a gift that will keep on giving for many years! This cast iron dutch oven features an enameled interior to make clean-up a breeze.

Available in several designer colors, this dutch oven can also be used as a centerpiece any time of the year!

Doodle With a 3-D Pen!

These unique art tools will allow the future artist of your family to take their drawings from paper to a completed three-dimensional model!

This is a great gift for any child that wants to try their hand at creating rather than drawing! If you are not familiar with this technology it is a pen that a small stream of hot melted plastic is extruded through the tip.

With a bit of practice, children have been able to complete basic 3-D cubes and other structures that require attention to detail!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Book Worms!

Is there a bookworm in your last-minute gifting ideas? You can give the gift of knowledge this holiday season with two different items.

First, the Book of the Month Club offers books through a subscription service and the titles are the current ones in the New York Times bestsellers list!

Second, give the gift of knowledge with a gift from the Master Class. Master Class offers top-notch classes provided by the biggest names in the industries. Gordon Ramsey teaches the fine art of cooking while Tony Hawk teaches skateboarding all from virtual classrooms!

Healthy Meditation Apps for Your Phone!

Headspace is a phone app that can assist your giftee in learning how to meditate and relax when the world is telling them otherwise!

Headspace also has structured courses that help beginners learn the fine art of meditation. The app includes many examples of meditation as well as plenty of programs for emergencies or the random quiet opportunities we all long for!

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for a Sweet Tooth!

candy for last-minute gift ideas
Candy canes, candles, and bright Christmas lights.

Sugarwish is an online candy store with those hard-to-find candies that we all love during the holidays! You can go to their website and pick out what size boxes you want to send along with the Ecard to be sent to the recipient on your behalf.

All the favorites we loved as children can now be found at Sugarwish!

Try Score it Online for More Last-Minute Gift Ideas

This is by no means the definitive list for last-minute gifts, it serves as a starting point and provides you with the online ordering ability to keep you safe and sound at home while holiday shopping!