The Best Electronics Kits for Kids

The Best Electronics Kits for Kids

If you want your children to understand technology, you need to encourage them to create their own. Fortunately, the market is full of many electronic kits for children of different age types. They can keep them occupied at home and school. But with the many electronic kits in the market, choosing one can be difficult. Thankfully, Score it Online has written this list to help you out. So whether you are a parent or a teacher who's wondering which kit to purchase, you can choose from our top eight electronics kits.

Note that all the kits we have reviewed can help kids learn everything about electronics and can even motivate them to practice basic engineering. That said, let's take a look at the best electronics kits for children.

1. Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit

Your kids can use this kit to learn about basic electronics through creative thinking. The kit includes over three hundred building projects that your kids can experiment with. Most focus is on circuitry and it comes with colorful components appealing to the kids.

Also included is a bell, which lets you know if you have mail, a touch lamp, and an AM radio. It features a similar process as building with Legos with all parts snapping together. Plus, it comes with clear instructions that explain how the kit works and how you can troubleshoot any problems.

2. Makey Makey

If you want to introduce your kids to electronics, this is the right tool for them. It can turn everyday objects like fruits, toys, or another conductive objects into an invention. Kids use these objects as keyboard keys or commands like a spacebar and arrow.

Anyone can use this kit as it doesn't need prior knowledge in programming. You only need some alligator clips, a circuit board (included in the kit), and a USB to plug into your PC. Therefore, you wouldn't need any additional software or hardware.

Kids can learn about conductors, insulators, and current flows using this kit.

3. Kano Computer Kit

Kano has a reputation for designing incredible STEM kits that deliver a superb experience. Although the company has designed several kits that appeal to both adults and children, the Kano Computer Kit is the best one.

Kids can use it to build their computers on the Raspberry Pi. Then once they've done that, they can undertake the various challenges that teach them coding basics.

The kit includes everything needed for one to construct their computer. These include a Raspberry Pi 3, a DIY case, power button, wireless keyboard, programmable LED lights, HDMI cables, power cables, the Kano operating system, and stickers,

After building the computer, users can gain access to more than 100 different apps and challenges. Therefore, you can make music, art, games, and interact with other people using Kano online.

Intuitive and easy to understand for both children and adults are what makes this kit the best in the market. You can use it to build a fully working computer and do various things with it once you're done with the construction.

4. BinaryBots Dimm Robot Kit

Kids interested in robots can use this kit to build and program their robots. It teaches them to code and how to build. In the end, they will be impressed by the results of their hard work.

Dimm is described as STEM and is a cardboard robot that's more of a robot toy of the previous years. Children can put them together easily. Thus, they won't struggle with fiddly parts.

Also included are stickers to allow individuals to come up with creative designs. Plus, there are various online learning resources where your kid can learn to code and other STEM skills.

The BBC Micro: bit computer is where this robot excels. It allows individuals to code the robot to perform various tasks. It also allows using the robot with other robots or making your own. As such, it offers many learning opportunities.

5. Elenco Snap Circuits JR. SC-100

It's a child-friendly kit that helps children learn about simple circuitry. However, because of the low price points, the projects included are not that many. But this can be advantageous as your child will not be overwhelmed.

Also, it comes with limited parts so that your children do not get frustrated or confused about many different parts. Projects include a motion-activated alarm, helicopter toys, etc. What's common in all of them is that they offer a hands-on experience that features guiding instructions but still allows enough room for exercising innovation.

6. Arduino

For older kids, 12 and above, the Arduino is the right electronics kit. Arduino is well known as an open software and hardware company, and it is considered one of the best. Both children, adults, and professional programmers can use Arduino kits to do various interesting electronics projects, solve various real-life problems and even build robots.

All electronic kits developed by this company feature creative design and introduce the basics of robots and programming. They all have an Arduino microcontroller. Some projects you can check out include the Robot Arm with Controller.

7. Smartlab Smart Circuits

a girl using electronics kits at school
Junior high school age girl working on building a robot.

The Smart Lab circuit is a fun and educational kit that delivers age-appropriate learning resources to children. It has more than 48 different pieces which children can use for building various projects.

Among the pieces included are six baseboards, variable resistor module, speaker module, battery module, 31 jumper wires, tricolor LED module, photodiode module, microprocessor module, 6-LED array module, and 2 push button modules.

When starting, your child will first complete the 50 projects that are demonstrated in the accompanying booklet to learn how all these things work. After, they can start creating their projects.

8. Top Race DIY Drone

It's also another great, superb STEM activity for children. It allows them to build the drone by themselves and fly it once done. Thus, it offers an opportunity for kids to learn about trial and failure since they will likely crash their drone and rebuild it several times.

Find More Electronics Kits for Kids

The above electronics kits are great ways to get your kids to learn about the basics of electronics, robots mechanics, and STEM. They're beginner-friendly kits to those for advanced projects. But all their concepts related to electronics and some, engineering.

Therefore, they can help prepare your children for real-world problems they'll have to deal with.