Kootek 18 Pack Resistance Bands Set

Woman using resistance bands while working out at home.

Getting shape at home can be difficult, especially with limited space. The Kootek 18 Pack Resistance Bands Set makes it easy with its selection of compact, easy-to-store resistance bands and equipment. The Kootek set comes with 5 color-coded resistance bands and 5 color-coded resistance tubes with ankle straps, handles, as well as a door attachment to allow you to perform full-body exercises. Get the best full-body workout at home with this set of durable, easy-to-use resistance bands and tubes.


The Kootek set also features everything you need for an effective at-home strengthening workout. This set features:

  • 5 color-coded resistance loop bands (Yellow: 10 lb, Blue: 20 lb, Green: 30 lb, Black: 40 lb, Red: 50 lb).
  • 5 color-coded resistance tubes (Green: X-Light, Blue: Light, Yellow: Medium, Red: Heavy, Black: X-Heavy).
  • 2 double-sided core sliders for ab exercises.
  • 1 door safe anchor.
  • 2 heavy-duty handles.
  • 2 leg ankle straps.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Guide book with instructions.
  • Resistance tubes can be used alone or stacked for a maximum of 150 lbs resistance.
  • Made of 100% pure natural latex and premium ABS & EVA material.

Perfect for…

The Kootek resistance band set is perfect for performing strength workouts from home without needing a lot of space. It is also compact and doesn't require much storage space. In fact, you can attach the resistance tubes to your door to perform a wide range of exercises, allowing you to complete full-body workouts in the comfort of your own home. It is also perfect for:

  • Performing at-home workouts with minimal equipment.
  • Adding variety to your exercise routine.
  • Working on strength training without lots of weights.
  • A variety of fitness levels, from beginner to expert.

Retailers That Sell the Kootek 18 Pack Resistance Bands Set

You can purchase your set directly from the Kootek website or from Amazon and Walmart.

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