The Best Dashcam; Rove R2-4k Dash Cam

A dash cam mounted on a car's windshield, recording video during a road trip.

The Rove R2-4k dash cam will change the way you use your car. The camera has super HD 2160p recording and photography, a wide dynamic range, high-quality night vision, a built-in GPS logger, an advanced driver assistance system, dual save technology, and built-in WiFi.

You can also use it as an action camera. In addition to this amazing product's many uses and features, it also comes with its own power supply unit (PSU) housed within the device itself. You do not have to worry about having additional cables running around your dashboard area or attaching anything else onto your windshield either!

The Rove R2-4k Dash Cam Features

The R2-4K dash cam is the best dash cam you can buy right now. For $199, you're getting one of the most advanced dashcams on the market with a full range of features including:

  • 2160p ultra HD video recording (30 fps)
  • 2304 x 1296 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Built-in GPS logger
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision warning systems that will help you avoid accidents. The R2-4K even has built-in WiFi so that it can be connected to your smartphone for viewing live footage or playback recordings from anywhere within the WiFi range.

Perfect For…

The R2-4K dashcam is suitable for many uses, including:

  • Recording video at 2160p ultra HD. The R2-4K records in 2160p ultra HD video with a 2304 x 1296 pixel resolution at 30 frames per second. This means that you can capture high-quality audio and video and take still photographs while parked or on the move.
  • Recording driving conditions during bad weather conditions. Nighttime driving and inclement weather can make it difficult to see where you are going. Having a dash camera installed in your vehicle will allow you to record any accidents or poor visibility from inside your car without having to be distracted by having to use another device like a smartphone or tablet in order to document these events even when they happen unexpectedly.

Where to Purchase Rove R2-4k Dash Cam

You can purchase this product at Amazon or at Rover's official website.


This is an amazing camera for anyone who wants to record their everyday life. It has many great features that you can use as a dash cam, action camera, or both!

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