Sony’s GT Sophy Racing AI for Gran Turismo 7: Elevating Your Racing Skills to the Next Level

Product Overview:
The product under review is Sony's GT Sophy racing AI for Gran Turismo 7, also known as Gran Turismo Sophy 2.0. It is designed to provide a challenging and stimulating opponent for players, with the goal of elevating their techniques and creativity to the next level. The AI system is available to all PlayStation 5 users as part of the GT7 Spec II Update.

Likes and Dislikes:

1. The AI system is designed to enhance the overall racing experience by providing a formidable, human-like opponent.
2. Sophy can drive 95 percent of the playable in-game models, providing a wide range of competition for players.
3. The system is accessible to all players regardless of their advancement through the game or current skill level.

1. The AI system may be too challenging for some players, particularly beginners.
2. The system requires a network connection and the latest update patch, which may not be accessible to all players.
3. The AI system may not be as engaging or satisfying as playing against human opponents.

Comparison with Other Products:

Compared to other AI systems in racing games, Sony's GT Sophy racing AI stands out for its advanced capabilities and human-like behavior. It offers a more challenging and stimulating experience than many other AI opponents. However, it may also be more demanding in terms of system requirements and updates. In terms of price, the AI system is included as part of the GT7 Spec II Update, making it a valuable addition for PlayStation 5 users.


I would recommend Sony's GT Sophy racing AI to advanced Gran Turismo players looking for a challenging and stimulating opponent. It may also be of interest to players who enjoy exploring the capabilities of AI in gaming.

Product Links:

Find the product on Amazon here: Sony's GT Sophy racing AI for Gran Turismo 7