The Discontinued Apple Music Voice Plan: What You Need to Know

Product Overview

The product in question is the Apple Music Voice Plan, a subscription service from Apple that was designed to allow users to access Apple Music via Siri voice control for a monthly fee of $5. This plan was primarily targeted at users who listen to Apple Music through devices like HomePods, AirPods, or Apple Watch. However, it appears that this plan has been discontinued and is no longer listed as an option on the Apple Music webpage.

Possible Likes

Those who liked the Apple Music Voice Plan may have appreciated its affordable price point and the convenience of controlling their music via Siri. This plan would have been particularly beneficial for those who frequently use Apple devices like the HomePods, AirPods, or Apple Watch for music streaming.

Possible Dislikes

On the other hand, this plan had several significant limitations that may have been disliked by some users. It did not allow users to add songs to their library, create playlists, use the service on non-Apple devices, or listen to lossless or Dolby Atmos audio. The plan was also only available in a limited number of markets.

Comparison with Other Products

Compared to other music streaming services, the Apple Music Voice Plan was unique in its focus on voice control via Siri. However, its limitations may have made it less versatile than other options. For example, Spotify offers a similar price point for their student plan, but without the restrictions on playlist creation or device usage.


Given that the Apple Music Voice Plan has been discontinued, current users may want to consider switching to the Apple Music Student Plan, which costs $6 per month and includes Apple TV+ at no extra cost. Alternatively, they could opt for the Individual or Family Plans, or join Apple One for access to multiple Apple services.

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