The Jackery Explorer 1000: Your Ultimate Solution for Portable Power On-the-Go!

Jackery Explorer 1000: The Ultimate Portable Power Station

Product Details

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is a reliable and high-capacity portable power station designed to provide a continuous power supply for off-grid adventures, emergency situations, or even for outdoor events. This versatile unit can charge and power a variety of electronic devices and appliances, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones, mini-fridges, and even small cooking appliances. With a capacity of 1002Wh (22Ah, 46.4V), it allows you to keep your gear running for an extended period of time.

Compact and portable, the Jackery Explorer 1000 weighs around 22lbs and comes with an easy-to-carry handle, making it convenient for transportation. Unlike gas-powered generators, this power station operates silently and produces no exhaust, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Additionally, it features multiple output ports, including three USB ports, two AC outlets, and a DC carport, enabling you to charge and power multiple devices simultaneously.

Who is it for?

The Jackery Explorer 1000 is suitable for various user groups, including:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers: Whether you're going camping, hiking, or RVing, this portable power station will ensure you have a reliable power supply on-the-go.
  • Emergency preppers: In case of power outages or natural disasters, the Explorer 1000 serves as an excellent backup power source.
  • Remote workers: With this power station, you can keep your laptops and other essential electronics charged and working while off-grid.
  • Photographers and videographers: The Explorer 1000 lets you charge your camera batteries, drones, and other gear while on-location.
  • Event organizers: Planning an outdoor event? This power station can power your speakers, lights, and other necessary equipment without the need for an electrical outlet.

Find the Jackery Explorer 1000 on Amazon

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Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station on Amazon