Top 5 Gift Ideas for New Moms

One of the new moms with her baby.

Becoming a new mom is probably one of the most joyful – yet scariest – things ever. From middle-of-the-night feedings to the never-ending dirty diapers and taking care of herself, not many people have a lot on their table compared to new moms. That said, it is only right if you find the best gift for a new mom; it will go a long way in making her happy.

How to Find the Best Gift for New Moms

Whether it's mother's day, Christmas, her birthday, or any other random day when you feel like gifting a new mom, finding the perfect gift is equally as important as purchasing it. Here are a few things to consider while at it:

Consider Things That Are Helpful to Her

This sounds obvious, right? Well, it's not. For most people, when you think about gifting a new mom, the first thing that comes to your mind is baby gifts. Yes, her baby is indeed the most precious thing in the world for her. However, don't you think she got enough burp cloths and onesies already?

Alternatively, you can consider things that will make her new job title easier and more convenient. Think along with pampering gifts such as weighted blankets, life-simplifying gadgets, or trendy bath salts.

Learn What Her Personal Preferences Are

Learning the personal preferences of the new mom will save you a lot of disappointment and embarrassment. Before she became a mother, she had the things she liked. Now that she is a mother, chances are her favorites haven't changed yet.

On this front, you can consider things like personal jewelry and favorite technological gadgets. In this guide, we have gathered a list of what we think are the five best gift ideas for new moms at the moment.

The Best Gift Ideas for New Moms

1. A Simple Nap Kit

A nap kit can consist of anything from noise cancellation headphones to room darkening masks and white noise machines. A new mom is always a tired mom. There is not much time for rest or sleep (the newborn dictates much of this most of the time).

With an excellent nap kit, the accessories can help the new mother get immediate sleep when the opportunity arises. Noise cancellation headphones are essential for keeping away unwanted sounds from the surroundings, while room-darkening eye masks help avoid distracting light.

It is important to note that when purchasing a nap kit for a new mom, you are not limited to the mentioned items. Anything that will help her relax, sleep, or read peacefully is welcomed.

2. Motivational Water Tracker

There is a need for a breastfeeding mom to take more water as compared to an average person. On the contrary, constant hydration is not one of the most exciting things to do. Sometimes you might forget or simply not be up for it (especially with the million things that new moms have to do in a day). You need extra motivation for a new mom to hit the required hydration levels in a day.

Finding a perfect “motivational” water bottle can make the work lighter. It removes all the guesswork from the equation and provides the much-needed motivation to keep her well-hydrated throughout the day.

3. Organic Nipple Butter

When you look at it at first glance, you might think that this is the worst gift choice for a new mom. A closer look at it will tell you that this is a brilliant idea. First, not many people can think of organic nipple butter when choosing a gift for new moms, so it makes your gift unique- she will love it.

The real reason why a quality nipple butter is important, breastfeeding or pumping for days can leave the mother feeling uncomfortable in the regions around the nipples. This cream can moisturize the areas, making the new mom feel comfortable again.

A high-quality nipple butter consists of ingredients such as cacao seed, shea, mango butter, olive oil, and calendula flower extract. All these are important in the moisturizing process.

4. A Cozy Robe for New Moms

One of the new moms in a robe with her family.
Smiling young family in the kitchen.

A new mom is most likely spending most of her time in the house with her newborn. With that in mind, finding the best cozy robe for new moms can be a perfect gift idea. The robes are usually comfortable, warm, and flexible; they are perfect for nursing women.

While at it, consider the fabric, design, and coziness of the robe. If you know her favorite color, finding a product that matches her fantasies would be a plus.

5. A Vacuum Cleaner

Apart from taking care of the newborn, housecleaning is one of the most tiring tasks new moms have. In the past, the option of hiring a cleaning service would have been ideal. However, with the pandemic still in place, social distancing is still in place, and households cannot hold more people than required anymore. At least not with the newborn around.

With house cleaning services out of the question, the only option left is for the new mom to do her house cleaning chores by herself. Gifting her with a vacuum cleaner could be a great idea, given that it makes house cleaning tasks more manageable.

A cordless, durable, and adjustable vacuum cleaner is preferred for new moms because it is effortless and convenient.

Find the Perfect Gift for New Moms

Finding a gift for new moms can be very challenging. At the time, what a newborn mom thinks about is her baby. She even forgets about her well-being for a while. In the process, when thinking about gift ideas for new moms, most people tend to deviate from focusing on the gifts that will suit the baby.

While that is not a bad idea, considering things that are helpful to the mother can make her day better. She probably has a lot of baby stuff by the time you think of offering your gift. Some of the ideas that you can borrow include napping kits, women's robes, a vacuum cleaner, and organic nipple butter, amongst others.

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