Upgrade Your Bike Repair Experience with the Feedback Sports Pro Elite Stand

… we highly recommend the Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand.

Product Details

This bike repair stand sets itself apart with its strong, sturdy aluminum construction and the easy usability of its clamp. The stand possesses a stable tripod configuration, accommodating weights up to 85 lbs, ensuring it can handle even the heaviest and most unwieldy bikes with ease. Its adjustable height ranges from 42” to 71”, allowing for comfortable use by most individuals. Following the ‘form follows function' mantra, this stand is not just highly functional but stylish as well, with an attractive red anodized finish.

One standout feature is its secure locking system, which allows for 360-degree rotation without the fear of the bike slipping or dislodging. With additional convenience features like the foldable design for easy storage and portability, and the quick-release fittings for effortless bike mounting and removal, it really is the perfect companion for all your bike repair projects.

Who is This Product For?

The Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bike Repair Stand is perfect for both professional mechanics and enthusiastic DIYers. If you frequently find yourself tinkering with your bike, making adjustments to the derailleur, brake cables, or even performing more extensive repairs, this sturdy, versatile stand will make your life considerably easier. Even for those who perform only occasional maintenance, the convenience of having a professional-standard stand can't be understated.

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