The Best Cyber Monday Deals on TVs From Top Brands

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Cyber Monday deals started as an online-only alternative to Black Friday deals. That was back in the days when online retail was still a new concept reserved for the chosen few.

Fortunately, times have changed, and Cyber Monday now feels a lot more like an extension of Black Friday. One item that attracts many shoppers to Black Friday sales is also a cornerstone in the Cyber Monday deals. Our focus is on nothing else but TV.

If you have had an eye on a brand new TV set this year, this is the time to bring it to your living room. The Cyber Monday TV deals are an excellent opportunity for you to pick your dream TV at a highly discounted price. Cyber Monday marks the last stop in the annual sales cycle, just before Christmas shopping begins.

When Will Cyber Monday TV Deals Start?

The Cyber Monday deals begin officially on November 29. However, TV deals from top brands and a range of other manufacturers will start on November 26. Lately, there has been a trend for retailers to begin their sales a week in advance before the officially expected day.

As such, it would be a wise thing to keep an eye on as early as now. Besides, while there are still a few days left before Cyber Monday is officially here, the discounts are already on display for the public on online platforms.

Where Can You Get the Best Cyber Monday TV Deals

A broad range of retailers are offering significant discounts on TVs this year. However, if you want to stay on track with the offers, your region is of the essence. Top retailers in the U.S. include:

  • Amazon: the marketplace has a range of discounted TVs for various budget options
  • Walmart: You will get exceptional flash deals on large TVs on a budget
  • Best Buy: Alongside the TV deals, you will often find free or discounted extras

What Cyber Monday TV Deals Can You Expect in 2021?

There is a lot to look forwards to in the Cyber Monday TV deals in 2021. Whatever your budget and regardless of the TV size you are looking for, there are amazing discounts you should take advantage of on both big and small TV sets.

If the Cyber Monday TV deals in 2020 are anything to go by, you can expect to see some unbelievable top-quality TVs at discounted prices from Sony, Samsung, and LG.

 They feature anything from 32″ to a whopping 82″ screen with excellent resolution to fill a cinema room. Waiting until the deals are open before buying a TV elsewhere can save you a fortune. 

Take a look at a selection of some of the deals to look forward to this coming season.

Best LG TV Deals

LG makes excellent products, TVs included. While the OLED models are a favorite in many households, this year brings several irresistible offers. Whether you are looking for jaw-dropping HDR performance or want a solid TV upgrade, LG has got you covered:

Best Sony TV Deals

Sony has a reputation for being one of the best television makers, offering dozens of models to satisfy your needs. The TVs from this company have superior image quality and feature cutting-edge design. Upgrade your living room with one of these selections from the Cyber Monday deals:

Best Samsung TV Deals

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TV on cabinet in modern empty room with behind the dark blue wall.

Samsung has been on the market for a considerably long time, and its TVs are generally reliable and can last a lifetime with proper care. While they may be on the higher end of the price scale, you can consider them a good investment. Whichever your choice from the Cyber Monday offers below, you will get good value for your money:

Other Cyber Monday TV Deals

You may also want to check out other TV deals from other brands like Vizio, Insignia, and TCL:

Here is your chance to grab the TV of your dreams from brands you can trust at an unbelievably low price. Keep looking out for more deals for the Cyber Monday shopping spree.


While at it, head to your gift guide page and check out items you can get for your loved ones at discounted prices when Cyber Monday is finally here.