Top 6 Best Dog and Owner Costumes for Halloween With Your Pet

a woman wearing a dog and owner costume for halloween.

Halloween presents an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity- what better way to achieve that than to twin it up with your pet? Matching dog and owner Halloween costumes are very cute and give you the opportunity to express the bond between you and your pet.

As you gear up for the holiday, take your dog's tolerance for clothes and costumes into consideration as well. Here, we provide you with a guide of the factors to consider when choosing a dog and owner costumes for Halloween with your pet.  We also provide you with a review of the top 6 dog and owner Halloween costumes that are doing well in the market currently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog and Owner Costumes for Halloween

Choosing a Halloween costume that matches your dog's can be very tricky, especially with the Halloween holiday fast approaching. Considering the tips below takes you a step closer towards achieving your dream bond costumes:


The safety of your dog should be your number one priority. Given that Halloween costumes are unique and follow specific designs, you should be very careful not to jeopardize the safety of your pet while at it. The costume should not restrict your dog's movements, ability to breathe, or present a choking hazard.

Consider the Size

An oversized Halloween costume can trip your dog or cause the costume to tear down, probably before you leave the house. Additionally, an oversized costume can cause obstructions to your pet's sight, which may lead to accidents and injuries.

On the other hand, very small costumes can be very restrictive and tight; movements such as walking, standing, or sitting properly are impeded.

Your Dog's Temper

Pets, especially dogs, react differently when exposed to different environments. For some dogs, they get anxious, scared, or angry when touched in specific areas of their bodies. If your dog falls in this category, you might want to purchase a costume that does not interfere with those specific parts.

Other factors to consider when choosing a dog and owner's costumes for Halloween include designs and ease of use.

Review of the Top 6 Dog and Owner Costumes

Here is the list of the best dog and owners' costumes currently in the market for you to pick:

1. Dog and Owner Game of Thrones Costume

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, the combination of white-haired Daenerys (for you) and “dragon wings” for your dog can be the perfect dog and owner Halloween costume. Both costumes can be purchased separately to match the occasion.

The Topsocplay Women's Wigs for Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Cosplay Halloween costume wigs would be a perfect choice for you. They are made from 100% top-quality synthetic material. With adjustable net caps, the blonde wigs are perfect for Cosplay, Halloween and Costume parties.

For your pet, the Rypet Dog Bat costume will perfectly match with your cosplay wig. The dragon wing is mysterious, making it perfect for cosplay. It is lasting and lightweight, you can adjust its size, and is suitable for multiple occasions- you can still use it after Halloween.

2. Teddy Bear Costume

Matching teddy bear outfits are simple but perfect for Halloween. RG Costumes Bailey Bear Hoddies are made from 100% polyester, have zipper closures, machine-washable, and are available in different sizes.

The Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit is a dog costume with patterns from the famous Rubie's brand. This multicolored item is soft, comes in different sizes, easy to use, great for multiple occasions, and is washable.

3. Vendor and Hot Dog Costumes

a dog and owner costume for halloween as a hot dog
A dog dressed as a hot dog for Halloween.

Vendor and hot dog costumes are perfect for capturing people's attention- they are simple yet effective options. The beauty about this pair is that you can match it with both your family members and your pet. For instance, you can purchase the Red Kids Apron, Smaal Bib hot dog costume for your kid. The apron is made from 100% polyester, making it very comfortable. With bar-tack and lightweight features, this apron is suitable and convenient for most kids.

To match with your dog, the Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume presents a perfect option. Turn your dog into a hot dog with this 100% polyester costume, which is adjustable, fits 12-16-inch length, and has strong straps to keep it in place.

4. Batman and Robin

Batman always has a trusted sidekick named Robin. In the same way, your pet can be Robing to you, the Batman. Rubie's DC Comics Batman T-shirt with Cape and Mask is one of the most popular costumes for Batman. This multicolored costume is officially licensed, short sleeve, can be paired with other licensed costumes, and comes in different sizes.

For your dog, the DC comics Teen Titans Robin Pet Costume is a popular option. Made from polyester, this Robin costume for Rubie's brand has a round neck and comes in different colors to match your Batman Costume.

5. Lobster and Mermaid Dog and Owner Costume

Lobster and mermaid dog and owner is another perfect costume combination for Halloween. For instance, you can order the Lobster Kigurumi costume for adults, which is machine washable, distinct, stress-free, and ultimate loungewear. The costume is warm, cozy, and can be used to binge-watch movies, apart from using it for the Halloween holiday.

For only $13, you can acquire the Mogoko Dog Cat Lobster Costume to match your outfit for Halloween. This product allows your pet to breathe and move comfortably, is made from high-quality material, and is easy to wear.

Find Dog and Owner Costumes for Halloween

Halloween presents an opportunity for you to be creative and there is no limit to how far you can go. Matching your Halloween costume with that of your dog is one perfect way of showing your bond and tapping into your creativity levels.

With many dog and owner costumes for Halloween available today, it can be confusing to pick the right one for you. However, by considering factors such as size, safety, and the temper of your dog, you should be one step closer to achieving your goal.