Tiny Christmas Trees That Will Make Any Space Festive

a tiny Christmas tree sitting on a stool

Do you live in a tiny space? Are you finding it hard to figure out the best way to decorate your small space this festive season? If you answered yes to these questions, you need not worry. You are not alone. This article will explore 10 tiny Christmas trees that you can use for your space during this festive season.

1. Vintage Piano Stool Christmas Tree

A vintage piano stool Christmas tree best suits someone looking to give their space that old-school gothic look. 

You just need a small needle pine tree and a small vintage piano stool to make this tree. You can enhance the tree's gothic look by decorating it with more gothic ornaments that match the tree.

This tree is tiny enough and will help you save lots of space. To bring the best out of it, place it on the piano or right into a corner.

2. White Christmas Tree

White Christmas trees are very unusual. So if you are looking for something that will break the traditional Christmas tree cycle, this is definitely for you.

White Christmas trees are artificial, and decorating them is super easy. In fact, you can give the tree whatever look you desire. Be it a Vintage look, a minimalist look, or a modern look. You name it. All you need to do is deck it with ornaments that give it your desired final look, and that's pretty much it.

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3. A Tiny Christmas Tree on a Corner

Making a Christmas tree on a corner is super easy and budget-friendly too. All you will need is a glue gun and some garlands. To make this tree, mount the garland on a corner and shape it like a Christmas tree. Believe it or not, it's that simple. You can also decorate it to match your theme and the desired look you are going for.

Use suitable ornamentals and sprinkle some artificial snowflakes to give it that traditional look. This type of tree looks best when mounted on white walls.

You can buy the garland from Amazon for only $24.

4. Flat Triangle Christmas Tree

Another tremendous small Christmas tree idea is the flat triangle Christmas tree. To make it, just mount a flat wooden triangle strategically on the wall, then cover it up all around with a garland. You can cover up the flat wooden frame in any pattern. The goal here is to come up with a design that looks like a Christmas tree. 

Once everything is finished, no one will even realize that it is unreal. You can also make the tree more elegant by hanging LED Christmas lights alongside other ornaments.

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5. A Succulent as a Tiny Christmas Tree

using a cactus as a tiny Christmas tree
A cactus decorated for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right. You can also make a Christmas tree from succulents. This is a DIY tree, so keep your succulents ready and your glue gun smoking. You can make this tree by mounting different succulent plants onto a piece of conical-shaped wood.

Arrange the succulents artistically around the conical piece of wood to bring out the consistency in color of the succulents. You can also decorate this Christmas tree with LED lights and mock snowflakes.

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6. Pink DIY Christmas Tree

Just like white Christmas trees, pink Christmas trees are also unusual. However, they are among the best options you can opt to go for, especially if you are a girl.

Pink Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, but since you are operating from a small space, a small-sized one should suit you well. To bring out the best from your space, we would advise that you buy two of these trees as they come out best in pairs. Also, they come in different shades, so you might want to visit your local vendor so you can choose a shade that resonates well with you.

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7. Elegant Citrus Christmas Tree

Just as the name suggests, this tree is beautiful and elegant. The good thing about this tree is that you can use it to decorate any room in your house. To make it, you just need a small vase or a bottle and a small bunch of pine needle branches. Mount the pine needle branches into the vase and deck them with dried slices of oranges. 

The dried oranges make it look seasonal and dazzling. They also make your space smell unique.

You can buy the vases for $31 on Amazon.

8. Topiaries Christmas Tree

Topiaries are made from tiny Christmas trees planted in planters. The good thing about this tree is that you can start growing it early in readiness for Christmas.

The terracotta pots make your space look elegant. Their vintage look, indeed, makes them suitable for decorating any room in your house. To decorate this tree, you can tie some simple bows and complement them with tiny red ornaments.

9. Christmas Tree From Sticks or Twigs

You can also decide to make a small DIY Christmas tree from twigs. The final appearance of the tree solely depends upon your creativity.

To make this tree, cut some twigs and arrange them together by either mounting or tying them to form the shape of the traditional Christmas tree. Compliment the tree with some ornamental decorations and LED lights.

10. Jolly Jars Christmas Tree

Another great idea for a small-sized Christmas tree is the jolly jar Christmas tree. You can plant pine trees in jolly jars, and with proper care and watering, the tree will come out great by Christmas.

Proper care includes ensuring that the soil is healthy and the tree is trimmed. Trimming the tree will also help ensure that the tree blends into shape early before Christmas arrives. 

Find a Tiny Christmas Tree for Your Space

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