12 Garage Storage Ideas to Get You Organized

A wide shot of a full garage with no garage storage.

The garage mostly holds a myriad of items like holiday decorations, sports equipment, car maintenance supplies, and craft projects, among other things. If it is cramped with barely any space to store your vehicle, then it's time to take action. Often, the problem is not too many items, but rather a lack of organization. With a few storage solutions, you can transform the underutilized garage into a functional area in the house.

Here are some storage ideas to help tidy up your garage.

1) Have Open Shelves Rather Than Closed Cabinets

Open shelves are easier to access and less expensive, making items reachable. Cabinets with doors hide the evidence that gives an excuse to stay disorganized. Therefore, use them sparingly, such as when materials need protection from dirt and airborne dust. For an easy DIY project, the industrial wall mount is a perfect choice. The purchase includes all necessary parts to complete the open shelf system.

2) Wisely Use the Overhead Space

You can use the garage ceiling to hang flat and long stuff you don't frequently use, like seasonal sports gear and ladders. Make sure shelves that hang from the ceiling won't interfere with the garage door operation, and you have adequate clearance to prevent scraping the roof of your car. The flex mounts Overhead Storage Rack maximizes storage space in your garage and keeps seasonal or unused items protected.

3) Use the Vertical Space With Wall Shelves

One benefit of many garages is the vertical space. Since you might have many items to store, you can opt for wall-mounted shelves. It allows you to take shelving high and create more space. A gladiator track system is a perfect option. With the racks, different attachments and hooks can store and hold just about everything.

4) Invest in Metal Shelving Units

If the garage has concrete block walls that are not conducive to mounting shelves or when you are renting and need something portable when you move, the sturdy gladiator metal shelves are a good option for the garage. Although the metal shelves are quite an upfront investment, you never have to worry about them falling or giving out. They can hold heavy-weight items and can store almost anything.

5) Organize Space Into Zones

While you may be tempted to throw everything into bins and stick items in whenever they fit, the garage is more functional when you organize the area into zones with similar items. You can plan before installing shelves or bins to fit everything neatly.

For instance, the first wall of your garage could have a gardening and outdoor activities zone. The back wall can be fishing, footwear, and rollerblade zone. The final wall may contain the ladder zone, cleaning area, and a recycling or trash zone. Though not fancy, keeping similar items together makes a difference in a well-functioning space. You can use the YueTong Metal Garden Organizer with Hooks for your garden tools.

6) Start Simple

When storing your tools, start simply and avoid wall-to-wall cabinets. Single wall systems with shelves, drawers, and wall hooks can help keep the garage clutter-free. Products like the dotted line esther unit with generous weight and shelves that don't need installation are a good start on a low budget.

Moreover, clear drawers are easy to see through to access stored materials without sifting through the bins to find your tools. You can place often used tools on an open rack and use drawers for extra electronics or hardware.

7) Install Easy-Access Bike Racks

If you have a large family, ceilings and bike rack storage might not be functional. For homes with young children that frequently use scooters and bikes, easy access racks do the trick. Through these floor racks, kids can pull out their favorite bikes whenever they choose, and it helps them keep their equipment organized. With all ages in your family, large bikes are safe to prevent falling. The Koova Wall Mount Bicycle Storage 3 Bike Rack, is made from thick steel with an anti-rust coating. You can set the rack in the garage to park your family bikes safely and neatly.

8) Plan a System

To keep your space clean, have a planned system. French cleat systems might be an excellent way to keep the garage in order. Various shelves, hooks, and containers fit on the cleats of the metal or wooden backings. With the Platinum Elfa Pegboard Starter Kit, you can rearrange to create room for new items.

9) Keep the Workspace Clear

Garage storage creates organization.
An organized suburban garage with shelves and storage.

If you regularly undertake DIY projects or work in the garage, keeping the workspace clear is critical. As an alternative to open counters for tools or hardware, you may store the items in another area. With a clean counter, you can quickly begin new projects. Thanks to the Simple houseware cart with drawers storage on wheels.

10) Label Bins

To avoid opening each storage bin to find your items every time, consider labeling them clearly. Use stickers to identify the bins when looking for your tools. For containers with a variety of items, you may opt for clear plastic to view inside easily. One option to think of is Plastic Tote Storage Solutions with ergonomic latches.  The modular and stacking design allows the best use of storage space.

11) Keep the Garage Floor Open

One of the things that make your garage cluttered is having many items on the floor. In your home, the interiors leave an open, comfortable walking path to allow free movement. You can extend this to the garage through organization systems that leave the floor space open. Install large shelves where you can arrange storage bins together with hanging hooks for the bikes. Organize the sports equipment along the wall for easy access. The Wallmaster Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount for two bicycles is an example of storage that can help organize your garage.

12) Invest In Quality Matching Containers

After installing the wall shelving and organizing the storage items and tools, it's worth investing in matching containers that hold necessities. This design trick might make a difference to the general appearance of the garage.

Rather than mixing old bins with different colors on a new storage system, you can purchase a sleek, cohesive set, like the wall-mounted storage bins. With the right design, even the garage can look stylish.


Oftentimes, garages seem to be catchall locations for items that need storage. If your vehicle stays outside due to many belongings hoarded in the garage, you can incorporate the storage ideas above to have a functional space.

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