10 Best Furniture Retailers of 2021

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Furniture is a big investment in your home. Given you've probably been indoors far more over the past year, making sure your home is a beautiful space has never been more important. So, whether you're shopping in a store or online, you want to feel confident that you're getting a good-quality product for a fair price. If you can handle a few thrilling hours of scrolling and searching, there are several furniture retailers that make getting perfect products a breeze. With these retailers, you'll find gorgeous furniture in a wide variety of styles, plus fast shipping. Here are the best furniture retailers of 2021. 

1. Bernhardt Furniture Company

Bernhardt Furniture Company dates back to 1889. This retailer has been a longtime staple and they produce quality furniture that you need in your home. It's a higher-end brand, consisting of beautiful and modern products. Further, its sofas are gorgeous and comfortable, and its fabrics are of great quality. The retailer falls into a transitional-contemporary style.   

2. Article 

If you're interested in modern furnitureArticle is a great place for you. This online-only business furniture retailer caters to those looking for a simple, modern aesthetic for their homes or apartments. They have an emphasis on the quality of materials and construction, with solid wood construction for the majority of pieces. For the design-challenged or shoppers looking for a shortcut to good style, Article offers furniture bundles. These one-click buying options give you a discount on purchasing multiple items while ensuring everything looks great together.

3. Amazon Home 

You already know Amazon has everything under the sun, but did you know that includes competitively priced furniture that looks way more expensive than it really is, complete with free delivery? The myriad filtering options help you find exactly what you're looking for. Amazon is also the exclusive retailer for a few different decor brands, including Rivet, Stone & Beam, Ravenna Home, among others.

4. Bespoke Post 

Bespoke Post is known for its subscription boxes, each centered on a theme, like grooming, camping, hosting, and beyond. But Bespoke's online shop is well-stocked with the kind of furniture that you never realized you needed but will immediately begin to covet. 

As you scroll through it, you'll find yourself rethinking the home basics. Can a nightstand look like modern art? Can a clothing rack be beautiful? Was I really considering a dresser when I could buy a cool canvas trunk instead? If you're looking for answers to these questions, head straight to Bespoke Post. 

5. Floyd  

If you're constantly changing homes, Floyd is a great furniture brand that can safely move with you. With a mission to put an end to disposable furniture, Floyd creates pieces of lasting quality that are designed with all your needs in mind. No need to list furniture on Craigslist when you're moving, everything is made for simple assembly, and can also be easily disassembled for any move. 

If you had to pick your favorite pieces, it would be a toss-up. The brand's couch comes delivered in a box with easy assembly directions. You will absolutely love Floyd's shelving system, which can start as simply as one base shelf, giving you the option to add expansion units and add-ons to perfectly fit your space.

6. Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters is one of the best furniture retailers of 2021
Cheerful saleswoman showing a design on a tablet to a couple looking for furniture at a home store.

Urban Outfitters is incredibly popular for men's and women's apparel worldwide, but in the past few years, the retailer has been upping its game when it comes to furniture and home decor. Further, Urban Outfitters is intuitive when it comes to channeling the latest interior design trends within its evolving line-up of large pieces of furniture, bedding, and home accessories.

Compared to other retailers, Urban Outfitters' buying team spends much more time scouring everything from the latest magazine editorials to influencers' accounts on Instagram to find just the right inspiration for their home collections. Where Urban Outfitters excels is in its accent pieces including side tables, lighting, chairs, and small shelving units. Not only are these stylish pieces, but they're also some of the most affordable.

7. Soho Home 

If you're a fan of the welcoming yet modern design styles, you'll be able to find luxury and handcrafted furniture in a similar vein from Soho Home. Its online furniture shop focuses on a combination of both traditional and new designs, with the goal of creating a living space that fits seamlessly with your personal design styles to make you feel both refined and comfortable. 

8. Ikea 

A large retailer, Ikea, has served everyone from the dorm living student to a family of four. Spread all over the world, Ikea has a passion for home furnishing and an inspiring shared vision: to create a better everyday life for many people. Inspired by Scandinavian design, this store makes clean lines and simple silhouettes mainstream.

9. Wayfair 

If you've googled terms like “sectional sofas” to “mid-century modern loveseats,” you've likely landed on the Wayfair site before. Wayfair has fast become one of the most popular furniture and home goods marketplaces online. You can find quite literally any type of home furnishing you could want on the site. Wayfair even boasts over 22 million products. With such a broad range, you will find it helpful to use the internal search to narrow down your selection instead of just relying on categories. To illustrate Wayfair's price points, you can find everything from $200 to $300 futons all the way up to $3,000 or more for top-grain leather sectionals.

10. Burke Décor 

If you like to share your lifestyle on Instagram and other social media platforms, then you have to check out Burke Décor. Their unique pieces stand out in the background of any shot and really call attention to themselves without dominating the space that they are in. Burke is very popular with artists and photographers for this reason, but don't be fooled, everything here is crafted expertly. You will get access to great furniture for your home. 

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