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Testing your cat's DNA can allow you to gain insights into your cat's genealogy, breed, and traits. The Basepaws Cat DNA Test is the most advanced and comprehensive cat DNA test on the market. In addition to being a fun way to learn about your cat, DNA testing can also help you to be aware of which medical conditions and diseases your cat is genetically predisposed to, allowing you to be aware of early warning signs.

Early detection of diseases can provide a better health outcome for your cat. This makes the Basepaws Cat DNA Test more than just a fun activity to learn about your cat.


This cat DNA test has many beneficial features that allow you to learn more about your cat and his or her health. Its features include:

  • Breed and traits insights.
  • Common disease screening.
  • Health markers report.
  • Free dental health report.
  • Easy to use.
  • Painless and non-invasive.
  • Free lifetime breed updates.
  • Supported by veterinarians.
  • Makes caring for your cat easier.

Perfect For…

The Basepaws Cat DNA Test is perfect for cat owners that want to learn more about their cat and his or her health.DNA testing can give you insight into your cat's traits and genetic predispositions, allowing you to more easily catch medical conditions your cat may be more prone to before they happen.

Basepaws Cat DNA Tests also come with common disease screening and a free dental health report, allowing you to learn even more about your cat's health. They are supported by veterinarians and are easy, quick, painless, as well as non-invasive. They also come with free lifetime breed updates, allowing you to learn even more about your feline friend as the database of cat DNA grows. 

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