Top 3 Must-Have Patio Furniture

Different pieces of patio furniture set up in a residential house in the summer.

Summer is fast approaching. What better way to turn your patio into a summer retreat than with aesthetically pleasing and durable outdoor patio furniture? In fact, here are the three must-have fixtures for your outdoor space.

3 Best Patio Furniture for Your Home

1. Outdoor Seats

There are factors to consider when buying patio seats. For example, if you plan to host catered soirees, consider an expandable wicker set dining table. Plush comfy lounge chairs are ideal near a crackling fire pit or a chaise lounge when you want to enjoy a leisurely warm summer's day.

The 5-Piece Wicker Set from Pamapic has all you need to furnish your patio. Its innovative storage and stylish design come complete with two cushioned chairs, an accent table with storage, and two spacious ottomans.

Product specs: the 5-Piece Wicker Set is:

  • Made from polyethylene rattan
  • Lightweight
  • A weather-proof and sturdy patio set

Pro Tip – Consider weather-proof and easy-to-clean outdoor area rugs, including accent pillows and cushions with washing machine-friendly removable covers.

2. Patio Lighting

The right kind of lighting effectively creates a unique ambiance in any space. While you can never go wrong with a few candles, why not create a visually striking alfresco dining area with Tiki torches, string lights, or illuminating pathway lamps.

LED, CFL (compact fluorescent light), and halogen patio bulbs should not exceed 600 – 1200 Lumens (unit measurement of brightness. Therefore, consider the 48-piece Baxstel LED Outdoor String Lights because its 200-lumen soft glow adds a cozy atmosphere to any patio.

Product specs: the Baxstel LED Outdoor String Lights are:

  • Energy-saving
  • Built-in hanging loop for easy installation
  • Compatible with dimmer for mood lighting
  • Shatterproof and waterproof LED bulbs

3. A Fire Pit

Finally, no patio is complete without a propane-fueled or wood-burning fire pit to provide warmth and lighting while creating an inviting ambiance. 

Product specsEcoSmart Fire propane-fueled burners are:

  • Hard-wearing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Clean burning
  • Portable

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