Cosworth DFV V8 Engine – The Most Legendary Toy F1 Engine Model

A concept of Cosworth DFV engine model - engine toy model of Formula 1 engine.

That shriek of a V8 engine is a wow factor when you're in the stands but can quickly turn into a fear factor when you're in the bucket seat. The noise, size, appearance, as well as agility, make F1 cars so exhilarating. But unless you have $10.5 million to splurge on a real engine, the Cosworth DFV Toy F1 V8 engine is as close as you can get to a real Formula 1 engine. Thanks to its incredible success, the Cosworth DFV V8 engine has become one of the most legendary engines ever built.


The Cosworth DFV featured above is a 1:3 scale replica of the original Double Four Valve with a blistering 10,000 rpm and 76cc capacity. It's an impressive, fully-functional, and assembled replica toy F1 engine model that comes with 1200+ parts that are fixed to a base. All engine parts are made solely in the Netherlands using top-of-the-range materials.

  • It comes fully assembled, tested, and tuned
  • External tanks for oil and methanol
  • Complete engine instruction manual and adjustment tools
  • Coolant, battery, and fuel tubing
  • Weighs 14kgs with the stand and 11kgs without the stand
  • Watercooled
  • 8 carburetors

Perfect for…

The toy replica was made in Britain by Bouland Motors. This high-end, fully-functional toy F1 engine results from three years of research and development.

When you hear her purr, you'll be able to recognize that unmistakable signature of an accelerating F1 V8 engine despite its 76cc capacity. It's the perfect toy F1 engine for Formula 1 lovers worldwide.

Retailers That Sell Cosworth DFV V8 Engine

You can get the Cosworth DFV V8 engine on Bouland Motors; however, it is currently only selling less than a hundred units, so it would be best to hurry!

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