The Best Smokeless Fire Pit on the Market

Group of people gathered around a smokeless fire pit outdoors.

Nothing triumphs the pleasure of a toasty fire in your backyard on a chilly evening. However, you might detest the accompanying smoke, or your neighbors might be affected by it. But worry not, the so-called smokeless fire pit can eliminate most of the irritating smoke as well as ash. In this article, we will discuss the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 as the best smokeless pit out there. 

Perfect For…

The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight fire pit that is easy to move from where it's stored onto a patio. It is also perfect for someone who lives in a high-fire risk area, as it has a screen that prevents errant sparks or pop-ups.

Why it's the Best Smokeless Fire Pit

  • The Solo stove Bonfire 2.0 is very light – it is nearly half of the weight of other products on the market. It is also small and easy to move around.
  • Furthermore, loading the Bonfire 2.0 with wood is easy. However, it requires standard size logs due to its small diameter.
  • This fire pit is not entirely smokeless. Nonetheless, it absorbs a lot of smoke – about 70%-80%.
  • All the sides of the stove can get very hot to the touch.
  • Models include:
    • The Ranger 2.0 – 15 inches in diameter.
    • The Yukon 2.0 – 27 inches in diameter with a grill grate accessory.
  • The new models come equipped with a removable ash pan and grate, along with a new stand for additional wind flow and heat separation from the ground. The removable ash pan allows for easy cleaning and hosing down after the fire. The new versions cost $20 more.
  • Another added accessory, that costs $160, is the Solo Stove Bonfire Shield. This shield is a two-piece spark screen made of stainless steel. Additionally, it has tools for removing the lid and adjusting the fire.
  • The Bonfire comes with a nylon carrying case. 


Pit Diameter: 17.5 inches

Weight: 23.3 pounds

Material: grade 304 stainless steel

Height: 14 inches

Warranty: limited lifetime

Where to Buy the Best Smokeless Fire Pit

So start exploring this product and visit a retailer that sells this magnificent smokeless fire pit. You can purchase it at Amazon or Walmart.

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