Automate Your Home Cleaning With the iHome AutoVac Nova Self Empty Robot Vacuum

Mother and daughter playing in the background while their home is being cleaned by a robot vacuum.

Life is easier with automation and the cleaning of your home should be no exception. With the iHome AutoVac Nova Self Empty Robot Vacuum, you'll keep your floors clean any time of day, even if you are not at home! It utilizes advanced laser-guided HomeMap 2.0 Lidar navigation with multiple sensors to map out the floors of your rooms and avoid obstacles. You can go even further by customizing your cleaning patterns using virtual boundaries around your home. This is all done with the convenient iHome Clean App.


Using wet/dry dual-action and a 2-in-1 tank, your Nova can both vacuum and mop your floors simultaneously with one pass through the room. The strong Hyper Drive Plus suction can handle the dirt, fine dust, pet hair, and other debris around your home with ease. It will use added suction power when a carpet is detected. Once the cleaning routine is finished, this robot vacuum will use its smart technology to navigate back to the Auto Empty Base and empty the contents into its bin. It will then recharge itself and be ready for the next cleaning.

The base has a bag-lined bin to hold the dirt that the robot vacuum deposits. It has enough space to hold the debris from many cleanings. You could go weeks before you need to empty it into your garbage.

Using the iHome Clean App, you can connect the Nova robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi. The app allows you to use voice controls through your Google Assistant. You can also control its tasks using the app on your smartphone or tablet to have it clean your floors while you are away from home.

Where to Buy Your Very Own iHome AutoVac Nova Self Empty Robot Vacuum

Take your home cleaning to a new level today. You can purchase them at Amazon or Walmart. You'll never have to drag out that bulky vacuum cleaner again!

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