Minimize Mess with the MS Cat Litter Box for Easier Handling of Cat Litter

Male cat owner cuddling his pet cat at home - minimizing the mess his cat makes with the MS cat litter box.

Cleaning your cat's litter box is a breeze with the MS Cat Litter Box. Long gone are the days of smelly, unsightly boxes surrounded by stray grains of litter. Unlike typical litter boxes, it is fully enclosed to prevent mess and give cats a more private potty experience. This practical design also incorporates an element of style, with its sleek and sophisticated appearance. And with four color options, it can seamlessly blend into your home's decor. 


  • Enclosed box that contains litter and provides privacy
  • Magnetic Cover is easy to open when it's time to clean
  • Grated filter that keeps your cat's paws clean
  • Pull-out litter tray that you can easily empty into the trash
  • Wooden feet that raise the box off the floor, for easier cleaning underneath
  • Interior storage for trash bags and scooper
  • Elegant, attractive appearance that is available in four colors
  • The space-saving design is only 15 x 18 x 24 inches

Functional and Fashionable

With the MS Cat Litter Box, you will spend less time scooping, and less time tidying up all that spilled litter. No need to worry about your cat tracking litter throughout the house, as it will stay contained within the enclosed box. Rather than scooping and spilling more litter, you can simply remove the bottom tray and pour it directly into the garbage. Even if an accident occurs, the elevated design allows you to sweep directly under the box. Plus, the wooden feet give it a stylish, mid-century look.

Just because you have a cat, doesn't mean you must have some drab, dirty litter box in your house. This product is built to complement your decor, while hiding the litter, scooper, and trash bags out of view.

Where to Buy Your Very Own MS Cat Litter Box

Lighten your workload and enjoy time with your cat, instead of cleaning up after it. Besides, your furry friend is sure to love the extra privacy and clean paws. It's time to ditch outdated boxes, so look for the MS Cat Litter Box at retailers such as Amazon and Wayfair.

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