Eco Being Natural Bubble Up Dish Brush Set

Woman washing dishes and scrubbing plates using an eco-friendly dish brush set.

The Eco Being Natural Bubble Up Dish Brush Set is an easy way to start adding more eco-friendly products to your home. It is 100% plastic-free, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic dish brushes. This set of bamboo brushes includes a bottle cleaner, scrub brush, soap dish, as well as two different bristle hardness level handheld brushes. What's more, this set can work perfectly for a number of cleaning tasks. It ensures you have everything you need to finish household tasks.


This set is a great addition to your home. It also offers many features that make it a preferred choice over traditional plastic brushes. This set features:

  • Light Bristle Pot Brush, Heavy Bristle Pot Brush, Long Handle Scrub Brush, and Bottle Brush.
  • Expertly designed for long-term durability.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable bamboo wooden handles.
  • Neatly boxed using recyclable packaging.
  • Includes a bonus soap dish for bar soaps.
  • Designed for a variety of tasks.
  • Thoughtfully designed with our planet in mind.
  • Looks beautifully natural in your kitchen.

Perfect For…

The Eco Being Set is perfect for a variety of uses in your home, especially in the kitchen. This set has the Earth in mind. In fact, it comes wrapped in 100% recyclable materials and is plastic-free. This set can last a long time in your home and uses bamboo – a safe for the environment and long-lasting alternative to plastic materials.

Making the switch to an environmentally friendly home has never been easier! If you're looking for a way to start being eco-conscious in your daily living, start with the Eco Being Natural Bubble Up Dish Brush Set.

Retailers That Sell the Eco Being Natural Bubble Up Dish Brush Set

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