Best DNA Dog Kit

Woman cuddling with her pet dog - choosing the best DNA dog kit for your dogs.

It's not unusual to have a pup and wonder about its ancestry, especially if it is adopted. A DNA dog kit helps you understand your pup's genetic markers. Even when you buy the dog from a breeder, you might still feel the need to confirm the pup's pedigree.

DNA can also show you any pre-existing conditions. These at-home DNA kits analyze the pup's saliva to establish its lineage, among other things. The best DNA dog kit we found was from Embark and Health Kit, which analyzes over two hundred thousand canine genetic markers.


The Embark kit checks for various things such as:

  • Family tree check
  • Breed breakdown and identification
  • Checks risk for any genetic conditions
  • Screens for over 210 mutations
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read results

Perfect For…

The Embark and Health Kit are perfect for dog owners who wish to know if their pup is in excellent health. A DNA dog kit is ideal for you if you also need to know your dog's ancestry to understand the pup's behavior traits. Suppose your dog is a cross breed of three types of dogs. It's easier to understand why your puppy behaves the way it does.

These kits screen over 210 pre-existing health conditions and 350 breeds and pinpoints your dog's ancestry. The Embark Breed's kit has a customized dashboard that shows your dog's results in approximately two weeks. You can download the results, and the dashboard makes it easy to share with your vet. The kit also alerts you when your dog has a relative on the Embark platform.

Retailers That Sell the Embark Breed and Health Kit

Start the DNA journey for your pup today! Find out if the puppy has any pre-existing conditions early enough. See those traits of a Siberian husky you noticed? It might turn out your dog is a 2% Siberian husky! Purchase your kits at Amazon, Chewy, or Embark today!

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