8 Ideas to Decorate Your Desk for Christmas

8 Ideas to Decorate Your Desk for Christmas

Christmas time will be here before you know it, and you don't want to be caught unprepared. So, make your office a little more festive for the holidays by decorating your desk in different Christmas-themed ways. Here are eight ideas to decorate your desk for Christmas.

Christmas Cabinets

If you have cabinets above your desk, there is an easy way to decorate them to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. Start by getting a thin, plastic, white tablecloth. Next, cut the tablecloth into pieces that will cover your cabinets. Finally, tape the tablecloth onto your cabinets, and it now looks like they are covered in snow.

The next step is to gather some garland and string lights through it. You can choose whatever color lights you want, just start the lights at one end of the garland and take them to the other end. For a bit of flair, you could create dips in the garland strand rather than taking them straight across the cabinets. Getting lights that flash different colors can also help add some pizzazz. 

Finish off the look by getting paper or plastic snowflakes and trees in red or green. Tack these up under your garland, and you have a lovely winter scene.

Drawer Decor

Who says that wrapping paper is only for covering gifts? You can use wrapping paper for many creative purposes, and one of them is decorating your drawers. Go out to your local store and check out their winter/Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Some examples of this are snowflakes, red and green polka dots, and Christmas trees.

Once you have selected your wrapping paper, bring it back to the office. Measure your drawers to get the length and width you will need. Once you have your measurements, cut the wrapping paper to fit the drawers. Make sure to leave a little extra room to tuck the wrapping paper into the inside of the drawer, where you will tape it, so it stays on. Don't forget to cut whole where your drawer handle is, so you can still access the drawers easily.

Monitor Makeover to Decorate Your Desk for Christmas

Christmas spirit can stare you right in the face while you work if you decorate your computer monitor. Of course, you don't want to get too crazy to where it impacts your ability to see your screen and do your work, but some simple garland and bows will do the trick. 

First, find some thin garland and some mini red bows. Either tie the bows onto the garland or tape/glue them on. Next, take some red cloth and attach it to the edges of your computer monitor. This will act as a barrier between the garland and your monitor. Then, take the garland and attach it to the red cloth.

Candy Cane Jar

One of the candy staples around Christmastime is candy canes. Have these delicious treats at the ready by creating a candy cane jar that sits on your desk. 

Start with a clear mason jar of whatever size you want. Next, get some white tape and some red tape. Cut the tape into strips the length of the width of the jar. Next, create alternating red and white stripes up and down the mason jar to make it look like a giant candy cane. Finally, place your candy canes in your jar, and you are good to go.

Stylish Ceiling

When you are decorating your desk, don't forget about utilizing the space above you. Hanging decorations from the ceiling is a great way to keep that Christmas spirit going. There are many things you can do with ceiling decorations.

One option is to hang a portal Christmas tree. A portal Christmas tree means you only see the top half of the tree, and it is hanging upside down. So when you look at it, it appears that the tree's base is somewhere above the ceiling, and the top of the tree is hanging down near your head. To amplify the effect, put a circle of cloth around the Christmas tree where it is attached to the ceiling, so it looks like it is coming out of a portal.

You can also go a little simpler and hang ornaments and paper/plastic snowflakes from the ceiling. Get these in various colors to make it look a little more exciting.

Cubicle Wall Tree

A fairly simple way to decorate your desk space is to create a light tree on your cubicle. The first thing you need to do is get some push pins. Next, you will use those push pins to create the outer edges of the Christmas tree. 

Start with a pushpin on top and then two push pins below it to create a triangle. After that, you will put each additional push pin in a diagonal line from the previous one. For example, if your pin is on the right, then you will put the next one diagonally to the left and vice versa.

Then, you will take a string of lights and thread them through the pushpins. You can then take mini decorations/ornaments and hang them from the string lights.

Miscellaneous Decorations

If you want something simple, you can just place some pre-made Christmas decorations on your desk. For example, you could get wooden blocks that say “Ho Ho Ho” and put them below your computer screen. Or, you could get Christmas-themed LED candles and place them in multiple places on your desk. This Christmas tree wood sign will also remind you to have joy, love, and peace whenever you get frustrated at work.

Present Tree

decorate you desk for christmas like this
Laptop and gifts on the table with a Christmas tree in the background.

Another fun tree idea for your cubicle is to create a Christmas tree out of fake presents. To create this tree, you will need around a dozen fake Christmas presents of varying sizes. If you want to make it look especially festive, wrap your fake presents in differing wrapping papers. To add an extra touch, add a bow to each of your fake presents.

Once your presents are all ready to go, you will start with the bottom of the tree. First, start with three of four presents, depending on how big they are, to create the base. Then, keep adding rows of presents making each row slightly shorter until you end up with one present at the top.

Decorate Your Desk for Christmas

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