Stylish Ways to Decorate the Console Table Behind the Sofa

console table behind the sofa.

A console table is helpful in several ways, one being that it gives you extra storage space for things like magazines. Besides, you can place the table lamp on top or use it as a space divider. When used for this last purpose, the table helps demarcate the sitting area from the rest of the floor plan. It comes in handy if you have a lot of open space in the living room.

Whether you keep it behind the sofa, beside it, or against the wall, it deserves some decor to match the rest of your room accessories. Here are some stylish ways to decorate the console table behind the sofa.

Make the Table Symmetrical With Two Lamps and Two Baskets

One of the easiest ways to decorate is to style things symmetrically. For example, grab your two favorite lamps and place them on either side of the console table. You could then place a stack of books in between the lamps or any other decor accessory that appeals to you. This little brass turtle on top of the books can add an organic feel to the setting.

Depending on the design and shape of your console table, you can place two similar console baskets under the table. Use these to store your fleece blankets for use in the evening when it gets chilly.

You can play with this decor idea as much as you like until you achieve the result that best makes you happy. For example, instead of symmetrical lamp balance, you could have an asymmetrical arrangement by removing one of the lamps. If you need to balance it, you could move the books to the end or replace the lamp with a faux plant.

Display On-Theme Flowers

You can decide to let your console table feature floral flowers that reflect lively artwork. Borrowing ideas from Tamsin Johnson's decorating books would be the ultimate way to bring art to life without much effort.

You will achieve even more dramatic results if you place your arrangements of choice in unique flower vases. The result is a playful contrast between elements and the classic furniture for a refreshing console table decor.

Place Some Stools Under the Console Table

If yours is a rustic wood console, it makes the perfect surface for sculptural vases. Sculptural decor is usually understated yet comes with Avant-garde accents that can instantly transform the ambiance of your living room.

This console table has enough room under it, which is the perfect place to tuck in some extra seating. It will come off as a good idea when you are hosting a big party.

Mix Metal and Wood for a Unique Finish

An excellent idea for decorating your console table is to add metallic details for extra support. It works best on a wooden console table without many details or sculpting. For example, the metal could crisscross between the table's legs for a trendy industrial feel from the mix of materials. A lower shelf at the bottom provides more room for everyday items like toys, books, or blankets.

Support Your Table on Some Hairpin Legs

If you are looking for a mid-century design, use some hairpin legs to support your console table. It's an approach to decoration that takes traditional design to a whole new level, especially if you accentuate it with gold accents. With a blend of creativity, you can effortlessly improve what can sometimes be a boring style trend.

In decorating the top of the table, consider toning it down with simple decor and keeping it minimal. A flower vase and candles will be good enough. Remember to focus on the modernized traditional style of the table and not the other items around it.

White Is Simple and Classic

console table next to a sofa
Interior of a luxury living room with elegant beige sofa, wood coffee table, and wooden rattan stylish accessories.

You may want to contrast the color of your sofas with a white console table. A classic white table will always take the top prize, any day. It is not only simple but also has a bit of a rustic charm that gives it something extra. It is your top choice if you want to make a statement subtly.

Carved Finishes Are Elegant

Straight lines and minimalist designs can be boring. If you want a change from this popular design with the most modern decorative styles, go for a console table with more pizzazz. The table has carved legs but maintains a low profile that keeps it from being too over the top. It will look right at home amid your other furniture.

How About a Funky Design?

Do you like fancy, unique designs that are not common wherever you go? A console table with a funky design would function in more than one way. Whether you want an over the couch table or behind the couch table, it works either way perfectly.

The table has a modern style that doesn't sacrifice space and purpose. It perfectly holds your remotes and books, and you can decorate them with artwork or flowers.

Tips for Styling Your Console Table

A few principles are essential to remember when styling your console table and any other part of your home:

  • Color: color is one of the most straightforward strategies to use when styling. As a general rule, edit down your colors to three or four at most. As a starting point, you can pull accent colors from fabric, rugs, or art. Then, limit yourself to using accessories with such colors.
  • Texture: it's a good idea to mix different textures and finishes across your furniture pieces. For example, you can use ceramic and raw wood or something with a chippy painted finish.
  • Height: height is another important strategy that helps your eyes move around for a more interesting arrangement.
  • Shape: regardless of the furniture pieces you are styling, consider having a variety of shapes and sizes. Round, angular, and curvy shapes are all welcome.

Decorate the Console Table Behind Your Sofa

Are you ready to style your console table? We hope that this post gives you creative ideas and styling inspiration. Also, don't forget to check out exceptional items you can only find at Wayfair. You could get the perfect console table here or something to complement it.