Boost Your Gaming Experience: The Ultimate Guide to PS5 SSD Upgrades

Unlock the Full Potential of Your PS5 with the Best SSD Upgrades

When the PlayStation 5 was released, gamers were ecstatic about the performance but some quickly found the built-in 667GB of storage to be limiting. Thankfully, Sony's subsequent software update has given us the power to expand our PS5 storage with a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD. If you're overwhelmed by the technical jargon, fear not! We'll guide you through the process and recommend the best SSDs for your PS5 upgrade.

Understanding Your Storage Needs

With PS5 games averaging between 30GB to 100GB, the internal storage can fill up rapidly, especially with large titles like Call of Duty demanding over 200GB. Your internet speed also plays a role—if you're dealing with slow downloads, having ample storage to keep games on standby is a must.

While a 250GB drive may seem economical, it's not practical for modern gaming. A 500GB SSD might be a starting point, but the sweet spot for most users is a 1TB drive, offering a balance between cost and storage capacity. For those who can afford it, 2TB drives provide a comfortable cushion.

External SSDs: A Viable Alternative?

External SSDs can be a more affordable option, though they're best suited for playing PS4 titles or storing PS5 games. Devices like the Crucial X6 and Samsung T5 offer great value and performance for this purpose.

Finding PS5 Compatible SSD Cards

Compatibility is key when selecting an SSD for the PS5. Sony recommends drives that can handle sequential reads at 5,500MB/s and include a cooling structure. While most Gen4 x4 NVMe SSDs will fit the bill, it's essential to consider the physical dimensions and cooling requirements.

If you're looking to save some money, buying a bare drive and a separate cooling solution can be cost-effective. Just ensure that the cooling solution fits within the PS5's size constraints.

Top SSD Picks for PS5:

Installing an SSD into Your PS5

Upgrading your PS5 with an SSD is a straightforward process. With the latest PS5 software installed, a screwdriver, and a bit of patience, you can open the console, slot in the SSD, and secure it in place. Once installed, simply format the drive, and you're ready to enjoy your expanded storage.

Remember to bookmark this guide for future reference as we continue to test and evaluate new SSDs that hit the market.

Final Thoughts

Expanding your PS5 storage with an SSD is not only about eliminating the hassle of juggling games but also about enhancing your gaming experience with faster load times and smoother performance. With the right SSD, you can transform your PS5 into a gaming powerhouse ready for any adventure.

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