Celebrate with Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannons

Family having a gender reveal party on the beach - using pink confetti powder cannons.

When you're planning a gender reveal party, you can't go wrong with Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannons. There are so many ways that modern couples announce the gender of their baby, but these confetti powder cannons are both exciting, eco-friendly, and affordable. Create a memorable experience by choosing biodegradable pink or blue confetti.


  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
  • Safe and natural materials
  • Elegant and neutral gold outer design to hide the colored confetti
  • Shoots confetti and colored powder up to 15 feet in the air
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of 4 blue, 4 pink, or 2 of each

A Safe and Breathtaking Display

Whether you're an expectant parent or planning a gender reveal party for someone else, you'll want to find a safe and thrilling way to announce the baby's gender. Some methods, such as fireworks, can be quite dangerous and harmful to the environment. Colored cakes are safer, but not as exciting.

Confetti cannons are the best gender reveal option, due to being both safe and impressive. Unlike some other confetti, the Revealations colored confetti is made from natural, biodegradable materials.It is completely safe for guests and the environment, even if it is left outside.

For a bigger impact, the Revealations cannons also burst with a fun-colored powder. This powder is simply food-grade cornstarch that will dissolve in the air. With a display of pink or blue confetti and powder shooting out 15 feet over the party, you can have an unforgettable event. Plus, the golden gender-neutral outer casing will keep the gender a secret right up until the moment that the cannon is activated. You'll have no need to worry about anyone accidentally discovering the baby's gender early.

Where to Buy Your Very Own Confetti Powder Cannons

Ready to plan an unforgettable gender reveal party that is also safe for the environment? Then look no further than the Revealations Gender Reveal Confetti Powder Cannons. They can be purchased in sets of four, with blue confetti, pink confetti, or two of each. Order yours online today at Amazon, or check other retailers such as Galleria Box.

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