The Best Bed Sheet Sets for Every Budget

Couple making the bed together at home using patterned bed sheet sets.

We've all been there: wandering the bedding aisle in search of sheets, surrounded by far too many choices to make sense of. Material, size, thread count, time-of-year, color, design, as well as environmental impact; what do these options mean to you at the end of the day? What should you be looking for? And most importantly: which bed sheet sets are the absolute best?

When searching for sheets, the first thing to consider is material. Cotton is generally best for year-round use, but if you're a warm sleeper or a night-sweater, you might want to consider lighter and even more breathable options like linen or bamboo.

Tend to run cold? Perhaps you need to find a flannel option. As for thread count, that simply refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric (literally the count of the threads) and tells you how tightly woven the fabric is. However, the optimal thread count varies by material. The Sleep Foundation also suggests looking for the following thread counts if you want good quality:

  • Cotton: 200-400
  • Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
  • Bamboo: 300-500
  • Linen: 80-140
  • Silk: 17-22 momme (silk uses momme as an indicator, not thread count)
  • Flannel: 170+ (flannel uses grams per square meter (GSM), not thread count)
  • Jersey: 150 GSM

Beyond those factors, make sure to know the size of your bed and how you want your sheets to fit your lifestyle. For example, while colorful patterns can add a lot of personality to your home, they can be harder to wash and care for than simple white sheets.

Best Cotton

Cotton is one of the best options when buying bed sheet sets. The material is breathable, versatile, easy to clean, and available at a variety of price points. If you want a set that is of great value, check out the Mellanni Cotton Bed Sheet Set. While most cotton sets will run you $100 or more, this comes in at just over $50. In fact, reviewers on Amazon have raved that these sheets are “super comfortable and great quality,” and that they wash easily while holding up to lots of wear and tear.

Best Warm Weather

Bamboo sheets excel at wicking away moisture and keeping you cool when the heat is on. If you want to get the best bamboo sheets on the market, why not go to the brand that Oprah has chosen as her favorite for four years in a row? The Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set is made from 100% viscose bamboo and has thousands of 5-star reviews. Plus, you can buy a set of matching pajamas also made from 100% viscose bamboo!

Best Cold Weather

Flannel is by far the best material if you want an extra layer of warmth and coziness on those long winter nights. If you want to treat yourself to a long-lasting and high-quality flannel sheet set, check out the L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Set. It comes in a variety of classic colors, and a pill-resistant fabric that guarantees a “velvety smooth finish.” Reviewers have said they're the “best flannel sheets ever” and “very cozy.”

Best Print

Are you a maximalist who can't get enough patterns? Perhaps you're just bored by plain old white sheets? Then brooklinen is the brand for you. Their Luxe Core Sheet Set not only comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but they also include seasonal and limited edition prints!  

Best Budget

If you want all the quality and long-life of sheets that cost almost four times as much, check out Target's Threshold 400 Thread Count Performance Sheet Set. These sheets are soft, hold up to many washings, are wrinkle-resistant, and have an extremely high thread count for the price.

Best Luxury

Do you want to sleep on sheets that the highest quality hotels use? Are you ready to empty your wallet for the height of luxury? Then the Frette Hotel Class Sheet Set is for you. These perfectly crisp-white sheets are made from cotton percale and have subtle luxe embroidery around the edges. The best part? Like a fine wine or leather goods, these bed sheet sets are known to get better with age the more you wash and use them. 

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